• Candy King Peachy Rings 100ml

    A sweet candied peach flavor that's aromatic and bold with a sweet and tart dusting of sour sugar on the exhale.

  • Chill Cool Mango 60ml

    Chill Cool Mango is a fruity, refreshing and frosty e-liquid. A taste of mango amplified with a cooling throat sensation.

  • Chill Tropi-cool 60ml

    Chill Tropi-Cool is a unique blend of melons, punchy fruits and ripe peach remixed with a bit of icy koolada. It's a cold fruity explosion of flavor. 

  • Coco Pops

    Coco Pops

    Cocoa dusted cereal pieces drenched in deliciously rich chocolate milk.

  • Coffee & Donuts 60ml

    Premium Roasted Coffee with the perfect amount of Chocolate Doughy Deliciousness. 

  • Cold Brew Almond Cappuccino 100ml

    Macchiato E-Juice 100ml by Nitro's Cold Brew has a rich and bold Espresso kick and a creamy iced Caramel twist that will keep you vaping throughout the day.

  • Cold Brew Macchiato 100ml

    Our signature iced caramel macchiato is a delightful chilled espresso made to jumpstart your morning!

  • Corn Bread Pudding 60ml

    Freshly baked and straight from a cast iron skillet, you’ll experience all the flavors of an old fashioned southern dessert in one sweet and savory e-liquid. A combination of crispy corn bread layered with sweet vanilla pudding and topped with a...

  • Crack Pie 60ml

    A delicious graham cracker with salted caramel topped with powdered sugar!    

  • Crumbles 60ml

    A unique blend of everyone's favorite part of a box of cereal, the crumbs at the bottom. A mix of different, fun, sweet fruity cereal flavors.

WARNING: Products contain nicotine. Nicotine is a highly additive substance and may cause Cancer.